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Golf clubs classification

Golf clubs are the main equipment for golf. Its structure is mainly composed of three parts: the head, the shaft and the rod. The club head is the part of the actual shot. According to the length of the shaft and the inclination of the head, it is divided into different numbers. According to the purpose, it is divided into two categories: wood poles and irons. In recent years, there has been a variety called ironwood. The transition between wood and iron.

Wood pole: Since the traditional club head is made of wood material, it is named after it. The head material is now mainly made of titanium metal composite material, and the shaft is made of graphite carbon fiber. The main purpose is to hit the ball from a distance. The wooden pole is characterized by a long shaft, a light weight, a large area, and a small loft angle. It is easier to hit a long distance ball. According to the length and inclination of the club, it is generally divided into There is also No. 7.9.11, but it is less used. Often used is the 1.3.5 wood. The length of the No. 1 wood is generally between 43 inches and 47 inches, and the inclination angle is between 8.5 degrees and 13 degrees. Mainly used for serving. The average hitting distance is 230 yards; the length of the 3rd wooden pole is slightly shorter, the inclination angle is 13-15 degrees, and the average hitting distance is 200 yards; the length of the 5th wooden pole is 4 centimeters shorter than the first one, and the inclination angle is 15-18 degrees, the average hit The ball is 180 yards away.

Irons: The head material of irons is now mainly cast or forged from ferrous metal stainless steel, and the shaft is made of carbon fiber or thin steel. The purpose is to hit the ball in medium and long distances and short distances. According to the length and inclination, it is divided into 9 numbers: 1-9. No. 1.2 is rarely used. Usually 3 to 9. The loft angle is increased by 4 degrees from the 22 degrees of the 3rd iron to 46 degrees of the 9th. The distance between each number is reduced by about 10 yards. The number three is from 180 yards to 9 and is reduced to about 110 yards. In the irons series, there are also a few irons outside the number. A tilt angle of 48 degrees is called a pick-up pole, and a tilt angle of 56 degrees is called a sand pit. The pick-up rod is mainly used around the green. Its role is to be able to raise the ball and cross the obstacles between the ball and the hole. Also hit a close-range ballistic ball within 100 yards. The bunker is mainly used to hit the ball in the bunk near the green. It is characterized by a large loft angle, a heavy underside of the club head, and a sharp edge that takes the ball out of the bunker by hitting the sand. Also used to handle the ball in the long grass area near the green. Some special irons have been added to the modern irons, from 50 degrees to 64 degrees every 2 degrees, for the short-ball skills of the players to choose. Known as the wedge.

Putter: It is also generally classified in the irons category. The purpose is to push the ball through the hole on the green. Its loft angle is small, generally no more than 6 degrees. The shape of the putter is varied. It is roughly divided into two types: tapered and round. Irons usually have a popular classification according to the distance of the hitting ball; the 2, 3, and 4 irons are long and heavy, and the hitting distance is long, called the long iron; the 5, 6, and 7 are called the middle irons, and the hitting is higher. After the ball has landed, it can be scrolled for a distance. The irons 8, 8 and below are called short irons.

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