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Golf club maintenance considerations

1. Wipe with a wet towel after each use of the golf club, mainly to wipe the dust on the head surface and the small scratches caused by friction. This way, the next time you use it, the club head will not have a lot of debris;

2. The shaft of the golf ball, especially the place where the hand is often held, should be wiped frequently to keep it clean and dry. Otherwise, the time is long, the shaft will not only be stained with sweat, affecting the level of play, but also cause the surface of the shaft to be uneven, affecting the appearance;

3. After using the golf club every time and wiping it, dry the club and then put it into the pole sleeve. Dry in a cool way, do not expose to the sun;

4. When you wipe the golf club, mainly when the club head is used, the gap in the club head should be wiped clean. It is a place where it is easier to hide and squat. What small sand and debris will hide inside. Therefore, be careful to wipe it clean.

5. If necessary, you can use the special cleaning products of golf clubs for proper care. This is a great help in extending the life of the golf club.

The method of golf club maintenance is not a big deal, it is a matter of detail, but it is very important. Golf clubs are an important tool when you play golf, so the usual maintenance work needs to be in place.

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