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How to choose the right golf club for children

At present, more and more young players in China like to play golf. How to equip your child with a set of clubs is a problem that plagues all parents. Many people start by cutting the adult club, but as the child ages, the club will not be suitable for hitting right away.

Golf club length

Golf club length is the first consideration. What kind of height is required for a child with a height, but the child grows fast, so choose a club with a club that should match the normal height, usually 1 inch (2.54 cm) more than the normal. So that the second year when the child grows taller, it can still be used. Children can play by holding a short club, but they can't hold their grips too far down, such a distance is 1.5 inches to 2 inches (about 4 cm - 5 cm). If this length is exceeded, the child's swing will be affected.

Golf club shaft hardness

The next consideration is the golf club hardness. Many adults use the clubs used by adults to cut them out for children, so the problem is to make the shaft hard. If you cut the club's shaft 4 to 5 inches, the shaft will become quite stiff. This is why children are not suitable for clubs after being cut. Fortunately, today's club manufacturers produce clubs that use children's height and head speed. The hardness of the shaft is currently marked by five levels of L (soft trajectory of the shaft), A (or M), R, S (or F), and X (hard trajectory of the shaft). A club with an L-light-weight iron or carbon shaft is suitable for children. The shaft of the child's shaft is quite flexible, so you can easily bend it with your hands. So look at your child's club, don't be too hard.

Golf club weight

Golf club weight is also important for young players. If the club is too heavy, it will be quite difficult for the child to get to the top of the pole, resulting in a bad swing plane. The lighter club allows the child to maintain the correct posture while at the top of the pole, and the swing will not feel heavy. Like the shaft hardness, all manufacturers choose a lighter club head and shaft during production. Therefore, the next time you buy a pole, take a hard look at the weight of the club, choose the club that is suitable for the age of the child.

Golf club grip size

The consideration is the size of the grip. Taking the size of the grip into the selection of young players has only begun in recent years. The size of the grip is not suitable and will affect the use of young players. If the grip is as large as a baseball bat, the mechanics of the swing may need to be re-adjusted. Therefore, when you buy a set of children's poles, make sure that the grip is suitable for young players' small hands.

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