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Grip method for increasing the speed of the golf head

In the course of golf swings, subtle changes can make a big difference, details determine success or failure, and a good grip is the key to golf. Here are the tips for increasing the speed of the golf club. Welcome to read!

Grip method to increase the speed of the golf head: increase the speed of the golf head, just upgrade the grip. The left hand, which plays an important role in the swing, can be held in two ways: in the finger or across the palm of the hand. You should choose the finger grip method. Using the grip on other parts will limit the wrist flip (loss of power) when the upper pole is reached and it is difficult to release the club when hitting the ball (playing the right curved ball). The finger-based grip makes it easy to turn the wrist and release, thus effectively increasing the swing speed. How do I know if my left hand grip is correct? My grip check method will tell you soon.

Inspection method

Hold an iron rod horizontally on the chest, use your right hand to secure the shaft parallel to the ground, and place the grip on the left side with the face facing the sky (see above). Place your left hand on the grip so that the wrist is straight and the grip rests against the root of the folded finger. If the middle joints of the left finger are lined up, you are right. If the joints are not aligned, staggered like a stair, indicating that you are more than grasping the lever by hand, which will affect your hitting distance and accuracy. Check this with your method before practicing the ball and playing the ball. You will immediately increase the speed of the ball and make the ball more accurate.

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