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How to assemble golf clubs

1. Select the required golf club head and make sure the specifications are correct. Write the tip trimming of each different golf club according to the shaft cutting instructions provided by the shaft manufacturer and mark it at the tip of the shaft. After checking again, remove the necessary length of the tip of the shaft.

2. If it is a golf club steel shaft, use a piece of sandpaper to roughen the surface of the tip. If it is a carbon fiber shaft, you do not need sandpaper. Just remove the bright or printed outer layer.

3, the next is to install the ferrule, this is a black ferrule between the golf club head and the shaft, the installation of this ferrule also requires a lot of knowledge, but also to determine it in place.

4. The epoxy is generally uniformly mixed with two kinds of resins (epoxy), and then evenly coated with a thin layer on the inside of the golf club shaft and the inside of the head of the club head. After the shaft is slowly inserted into the head and determined to be in place, the excess resin remaining on the golf club is cleaned, and the golf club is placed for more than 24 hours to allow the resin to dry and harden naturally, so that the head and the rod The body is tightly combined.

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