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What is the Sweet point of the golf head?

Sweet point

Sweet spot (what is the sweet spot and sweet spot?) is a common propaganda term on the ball advertising, referring to a point on the face of the golf club. The sweet spot is usually in the lower middle of the face, in fact it It's a point, not how big it is in the ad. Its official name is the center of gravity; so the location of the sweet spot is related to the position of the center of gravity of each golf head.

If you have a good swing and hit the ball in a sweet spot, your ball will fly straight and the ball will be fast; if you don't hit the sweet spot, the golf ball will twist, not only causing side spins, but also Will slow down the ball. The farther away from the sweet spot, the slower the ball speed and the more sideways.

The hitting point deviates from the sweet spot by one inch, the ball speed is slowed by 5-7 mph, and the ball pitch is reduced by about 14-20 yards. Generally speaking, the sweet spot is simply to increase the inertia moment of the golf head (see another term explanation), that is, the weight around the ball is increased and the center of gravity is deeper, thereby increasing the stability of the ball.

The players have noticed:

To increase the distance, the main thing is to click on the ball as sweetly as possible. Deviate from the sweet spot by half a inch and the ball pitch is reduced by 10 yards. You should find a workshop to balance your swing weight and the length of the club, and hit as many sweet spots as possible.

The position of the sweet spot on the wooden ball head and the putter ball head may not be correct. The self-test method is to hold the club with the left hand lightly, the ball head is facing down, the face is facing the right side, the right thumb and the index finger are gripping the ball, and the ball is struck hard. The face, if the golf head is receding straight, it is a sweet spot. If it is deflected, it is not sweet, so mark it.

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