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What is the golf head?

Golf is a popular way to relax and exercise. For beginners, in addition to practicing basic skills, they must know how to choose the right club.

The club consists of a ball head, a shaft and a grip. The length is between 0.91-1.29 meters. According to the different needs of hitting the ball, each player can bring 14 various types of clubs into the field. These 14 clubs are more suitable for the following configurations: 4 woods, 9 irons and 1 putter. For beginners, it is enough to take the odd rods.

The ball head is generally made of metal and is made of a tungsten alloy weight element. These weight elements are usually screwed for easy disassembly and replacement. For different beginners, the weight of the ball is chosen differently, mainly depending on the strength of the ball. Tungsten alloy weight is a kind of high-density alloy, which has great advantages in weight and volume compared with other metals. In addition, the environmental protection of tungsten alloy is widely used.

The golf club head is a portion of the golf club including a golf club head and a welded joint at the bottom that provides a welded port and a dual specific gravity tungsten alloy weight plate body. The double-gravity counterweight disk body is composed of a tungsten alloy weight and a metal portion which are arranged in a peripheral tungsten alloy weight, which is made of the same metal material as the golf head body. The double-gravity weight plate is welded to the body of the port golf head, and the golf head is welded to the ground, and the bottom portion is provided with a part of the tungsten alloy. In the case where the gravity and the weight are evenly distributed in the golf head, the bottom area and the thickness of the golf head are not changed, so that a low center of gravity and a good balance force can be achieved, thereby greatly improving the stability of the golfing.

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