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Golf clubs identification tips

1. Golf club security mark

Many well-known golf club brands have their mark. For example, the lower right corner of CALLWAY's iron head is engraved with an oval-shaped anti-counterfeit stamp. The first big letter of several No. 1 woods will be printed with a small lowercase letter of the first letter of the English name of the processing factory. Fans can identify them by browsing their official website and consulting local agents. true and false.

2. Golf club brand dealer

At present, there are still many world famous brands that have not officially entered the Chinese market, so there will be only a few individual models that come back from foreign retail, most of which are personal collections of lovers. Therefore, as long as it is a brand that does not have a formal agent in China for large-volume sales, it must be a counterfeit product. Only the ball purchased through the proper channel will ensure the quality of its long-lasting.

3. Golf club price difference

Usually there are price differences between genuine golf clubs and counterfeit golf clubs in the world. Consumers will have the mentality of wanting to buy good clubs with less money. It’s also because some unscrupulous people have a long way to go. The excuse, along with the advocacy of its products is to smuggle, steal, illegal sales and other reasons to deceive buyers, in fact, a set of genuine ball from production and processing to inspection and testing through multiple extremely cumbersome and complicated processes, Cost and retail price are naturally proportional, so you should be wary of taking advantage of small and cheap.

4. Golf club assembly work

A fake golf club is common after a period of use, it is very easy to wear and scrap, so when you buy, you should carefully observe whether the golf club head and the shaft joint work is regular and firm, the unsound connection is usually easy to break the damage. Because of the low cost, the fake rod is full of loopholes in the selection of materials, and the quality of the shaft and the grip is good.

5. Golf club nuances

At the beginning of the listing, the new clubs of individual brands have a low market penetration rate. Some counterfeiters who are eager to make profits will copy the advertisements or other means to see if they have no detailed information, but often There will be a club cover and an old ball bag that used to be counterfeited in the old style.

6. The life of golf clubs indoors and outdoors

In the indoor golf club, the life expectancy of the golf club is generally longer than the imitation, which is obviously reflected in the golf club grip; because the grip is made of rubber, plastic soft rubber, the quality of the authentic and imitation products can be Seen here, the worse the material, the easier it is to harden and age.

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