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How to maintain golf clubs

Golf club grip maintenance

The maintenance of the grip is pure. After each round of the game, use warm water, soap, brush or sponge to remove the stains in the groove, then air dry or remove the water with a towel, which can enhance the club's instinctive function and touch.

In addition to routine maintenance, you should learn to evaluate your grip shape correctly. Grip that is brittle and dry is difficult to provide excellent instinct. The grip under the grip is not suitable, and the shaft may not be able to reach the top. The grip is selected to the right model, so that the skilled technician can make a better adjustment. In addition, the weight of the grip is also important, and the grips available for selection are typically between 38-64 grams. If the grip is too light or too heavy, it will affect the swing weight, balance and touch.

Golf club shaft maintenance

The shaft often hits hard turf, roots and bunkers during the tour, which is easy to damage the shaft. It should be checked whether the shaft can be straight, whether there is any distortion or other damage. If you despise the inspection, the division of the shaft may not only infringe on itself, but may also infringe the error.

The idea of checking the shaft is to put the club flat on the mission desk or on the table and check if it is straight. The ferrules of the neck should always be checked. If the metal hoop and the head are showing signs of disengagement, they should be eye-catching. Then, check if the grip is perpendicular to the face. If the shaft is still strung around the club head, the shaft is loose earlier. If it is not vertical, it is very abhorrent to clarify that the shaft is loose. If necessary, you may think about the shaft.

Golf club face tilt angle and landing angle maintenance

The important technical parameters for evaluating the club's instinct function are: loft angle and landing angle. The matching landing angle helps keep the swing. The difference in landing angle will cause the shot to be right or left.

The loft angle is also important. It is rare that the difference between each set of clubs is 3 to 5 degrees. For example, if your No. 5 irons have a small dip angle and the No. 6 irons have a large dip angle, the interval between shots may be the same.

When the golf club meets the roots, the hard turf, or other sturdy things, it can affect the loft and landing angle. Due to the strong technical nature, it is generally advisable to get a repair shop.

Golf club face and sole maintenance

Golf club face wear has many origins. If the middle of the face is worn out, it is clear that the ball is often hit. If there is a problem with the root and toe of the club head, this implies that there is a problem with the swing action or that the club has a problem. Toe wear clarifies that the shaft is too short, and perhaps the player is too far from the ball. Root wear clarifies the same problem.

The wear of the golf club sole may reveal the problem of the landing angle or the swing. In general, the wear breaks out in the middle of the bottom of the pole, below the sweet spot. If the wear breaks out at the root, it is too high to clarify that the landing angle is too large. It is easy to incur a left-handed ball by hitting the ball with the root. On the other hand, if the wear is on the toe, it is clear that the landing angle is too small, the grip is too low, and the swing is too steep. It is easy to hit the ball with the toe. If you have these questions, you can consult with a professional to correct the club's possible shot.

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