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How is the golf clubs designed?

Knowing how golf clubs are designed will help you choose the club that suits you. The club you choose must have the right shaft. In this regard, the requirements of the irons are not as high as the requirements of the woods. When choosing the number one wood, the correct shaft is indispensable. If the wood shaft you use is too hard, it is likely that the ball is not high enough and will produce a right-handed ball. If the face is too flexible and easy to bend, it is likely to lead to erratic and unstable paths.

The shaft can usually be divided into the following grades: S stands for hard, R stands for the shaft used by ordinary men, A or advanced shaft (suitable for the elderly, top players or tall women), while L means women. The shaft used. Some shafts are more detailed in numbers, but professionals will tell you how these numbers relate to the common man's shaft and the woman's shaft. Do not use it easily unless you are sure that you can handle the hard shaft properly.

Ordinary men's shafts are suitable for almost all male golf club members. The average female shaft is suitable for most female members. Experts recommend that unless a tall woman with a long shaft is very young and very strong, choose an A or a high shaft instead of an ordinary male shaft. By the same token, a tall male may need to choose a long, hard shaft. Take care of your club

Regardless of whether your club is metal or wood, use a head cover to protect the club. If the head cover is wet, remove them and dry them after the ball is finished. When the mark on the wood is damaged, use vinyl paint to paint the scratches to keep the wood in good condition. If the face is scratched, apply a small drop of linseed oil and dry it before applying paint.

Golf clubs with graphite shafts are becoming more popular because they are lighter and stronger than traditional clubs. This kind of club not only helps the player to play a farther ball, but also the vibration of the shaft after hitting the ball is smaller than the traditional club. Golf players tend to use clubs with thicker backs, but this may not be suitable for club players, because such clubs require players to have high hitting skills.

There are two types of irons, one with a standard knife-back head that distributes the weight evenly on the head; and a head heel to the toe of the club head, as designed by Binz. This will expand the range of sweet spots, can produce a larger hitting area, even if the ball does not touch the center of the face when hitting the ball, the result is not too bad.

The head can be made of stainless steel, which is extremely durable. The club head can also be made of mild steel and chrome-plated sheets. This kind of club head is more comfortable to use in use, so it is very popular among professional players participating in the competition. But this club head is not as durable as a stainless steel club head.

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