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Master the golf club posture

1. Let your forefoot slightly ball first.

Place your forefoot slightly in front of the ball so your club is near the middle of your body. The distance between your legs is slightly wider than your shoulders.

If you are a right-handed player, your left foot will be closer (and often closer) than your ball to the foot.

If you are a left-handed player, your right foot will be closer to the hole than the ball.

2, stand close enough distance

When the club touches the ball, your arm is vertical and relaxed. Don't stand so close that you have to bend your arm to fit the club, and don't stand too far to avoid over-stretching your arms. You can make your upper body slightly bent to the ground, but don't overdo it.

3. Check the line you are aligning.

The aligned line is the direction in which your feet and shoulders point. You have to arrange your feet and shoulders so that the imaginary line from your back shoulder to the front shoulder and back foot to the front foot points straight to the target. This is called “keep a straight line”.

In order to check your alignment line, stand the batting position and follow the tips to set your club in the hitting area. Wave backwards, then look at the direction the club is pointing, it should face your target or hole.

4. Bend your knees slightly.

Try bending out your knees to pose an athlete's posture instead of a stiff model pose. You can try to stand straight and hit the ball, you will find it is very difficult and unnatural.

Balance your weight on your feet. Although it's harder to balance the weight on the ankle, it's easier to move your center of gravity forward or backward as you hit the ball.

Spread the weight evenly over your feet. Lift your ankles up and down quickly and quickly to get a balanced feel. Even if you shift your center of gravity when you swing backwards or down, you need to evenly distribute your body weight at the beginning.

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