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An important basis for golf swing - lag the ball behind the hands

Keeping the golf head lag is an important foundation in golf swings. If there is no golf head lag, other swing foundations such as grip, standing, aiming, etc. are not important, and you don't have to go to the game when you play. People's swings are not the same, even non-standard, but any effective swing has one thing in common: (for right-handed players) When the ball is touched, the left-handed wrist of the good player is flat, or bent outward. To the target, while the right wrist is bent inward, the club is bent and forced to squeeze the right index finger.

The golf head lag has a double meaning, not only refers to the golf head being driven by both hands, but also refers to the bending of the shaft when the lower rod is initially. The initial force when the hands are down the swing causes the shaft to bend. The golf head lags to create an average stable acceleration to ensure controllability of the distance - any amplitude reduction at the time of the down shot will destroy the golf head lag. Therefore, sustained acceleration is required to ensure that the golf club lags when the ball is touched.

If you think that you can master the technique of golf head lag by slamming hundreds of balls on the driving range, I have to say that you are probably farther and farther from success. The reason is that the golf ball is actually very light, only 1.62 ounces, and the effect of the pole facing the ball is only 1 millisecond when the ball is touched. When the momentum of the golf club is finished, the player is already delivering the pole and cannot feel what is happening when the ball is touched. If the golfer has practiced and studied effectively, there will be feedback and effects. It is recommended to use the package to practice. The package can stop the golf ball after the ball is touched, so that the golfer feels the correct position of the ball, that is, the golf ball is driven by both hands, and the left wrist is flat and the right wrist is bent inward.

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