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Golf club grip posture

Golf can be said to be the exclusive movement of rich people. How much do you know about golf rules? For you to recommend some golf grips and golf etiquette, do you want to learn? Then follow the literature!

Golf club grip posture

Stacked grip method

The stacked grip method is a common method used by many famous golfers. Harry Vardon made this grip method very popular around the 20th century. This grip method uses a finger grip and is also a grip method commonly used by beginners.

The method of stacking the grip is this: place your hands on the grip and place your right hand on the left index finger and middle finger (right hand player). The index finger of the left hand should coincide with the lifeline of the right hand.

Cross grip method

The second common grip method is called the “cross grip method”. This grip is popular with LPGA players, and some of the top PGA players such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods also like to use this grip. Simply put, this grip method locks the hands together, but it is easy to use the palm grip when using this grip. Players with small hands, weak forearms and wrists, and beginners also love to use this grip.

The method of using the "cross-grip method" is to cross the little finger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand when holding the pole, and the index finger of the left hand should overlap with the lifeline of the palm of the right hand (right-handed player).

Ten finger grip method (baseball grip method)

There are fewer players using the ten-finger grip method, but it is not that the grip method does not have any advantage. PGA Hall of Fame player Benth Daniel, PGA player Bob Estes, Dave Barr and Masters champion Art Wall Jr. use the ten finger grip method. Coaches often let beginners adopt this grip to simplify the teaching of the primary stage. This grip is also suitable for golfers with small palms, lack of strength, or arthritis and rheumatism.

The correct posture with a ten-finger grip is to start with the left hand grip, then the right hand's little finger close to the left hand's ten fingers, the left index finger and the right hand palm coincide with the lifeline.

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