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Choose ten small experiences to buy golf clubs

First, the vision: see a new golf club immediately brighten, happy with the color shape, watching the eye will be interested in further selection.

Second, the feel: grip on the hand feels light and heavy, length, grip thickness should be appropriate. The lightness of a golf club is determined by your physical condition. If you are strong, you should choose a little more to make it hit a farther distance. The body is relatively weak, such as: the elderly, the lady, the child should choose a lighter pole to be able to swing smoothly. The length of the same type of club is roughly the same. The grip is not only comfortable but also suitable for the thickness. The thicker grip can reduce the flexibility of the wrist and make it easy to play the small right ball. The thinner grip can increase the flexibility of the wrist movement and easily sweep out the small left ball. The grip is also comfortable.

Third, the feeling of hitting the ball: hit the ball with the golf club to be bought, focusing on the feeling of contact between the club head and the ball. That is, the usual players often say, "It feels better to eat the ball!"

Fourth, the sound: the sound of hitting the ball should be sweet. Although the sound does not affect the ballistic, distance, and direction of the ball, it affects your mood, the mood is not good, the ball is difficult to play, and the sound is especially important on the wooden pole.

5. Ballistics: The ball's flight trajectory and the inclination of the golf club are related to the player's customary movements. The same type of rods of various brands have slightly different head tilt angles, so you can only know if you want the flight trajectory if you try it yourself.

6. Distance: The flying distance of the ball and the softness of the shaft, the material of the striking surface, the weather, the quality of the ball, and the physical strength of the player are all related. The shaft is the shaft of the golf club. The "engine." power club player called the club can use the "S" (hard) shaft or the "F" (slightly hard) shaft; the average golfer can use the "R" (moderate) shaft; The “L” (soft) shaft is suitable for the elderly and women. Only choose the right shaft to hit the ideal distance.

Seven, the price: to see "cost-effective" do not blindly care about the brand. It is good for you.

8. Workmanship: Check the packaging, whether the plating is fine, whether the joint between the head and the shaft is dense, and whether the aiming line on the grip is clear.

9 Service: Whether you enjoy the same treatment as VIPs at the time of purchase, such as tea drinks, gifts, etc.

10. After-sales service: It is necessary to find out how to deal with the quality problems in case of failure, whether it is a package, or a repair, a replacement, or a letter commitment, so as to avoid the quality problem of the club can not be resolved. If the player is satisfied with the above ten, then click on the number of freshly purchased clubs to checkout and then head to the driving range.

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